AWS Wishlist : Certificate Manager SNS notifications, longer validity (ACM)

I recently realized and came to know that the ACM certificates are issued for a period of 13 months – the hard way. I am sure, with browsers & hash algorithms getting more smarter (or weaker) – ACM has very big marker in AWS’s radar.

I would like to request AWS product teams for

  1. An SNS and/or Lambda trigger hook for notifications
  2. Validity of the certificates beyond 13 months

AWS Wishlist : 1-Click CloudFormation Resource Group Creation

Resource Groups are one of coolest but most obscure features in AWS. My theory around that was around due to the powerful search bar in EC2 AWS Management Console which can accept regex, range queries and auto-suggest the tags and their values. This is looks good as long as the components you manage are only EC2 instances.

CloudFormation automatically creates a tag called aws:cloudformation:stack-id which gets applied to all of the entities created / managed by CloudFormation – AWS uses it internally to logically group the components created by the CloudFormation. The aws:cloudformation:stack-id is pretty much all that’s required to create a Resource Group.


I would like to request AWS to consider the feature like a button in the CloudFormation windows which says – Create a Resource Group which would take you the Resource Group windows to view and manage the entities at a single place.

AWS Wish List : Set Query Filter VPC globally in AWS Management Console

This is yet another wish list for AWS Management Console‘s Usability Feature which I feel IMHO would improve the usability and controls the error & recreation of the VPC Components.

It is unimaginable to work without the Filtering the SELECTED VPC in production work loads in VPC Menu of AWS Management Console. I remember how my life would be for the project which had 4 VPC and each of it had 30+ Subnets by extension that many Route Tables and ACLs.  Having all the VPC components listed altogether gives the room for wrong configuring the network entities. It is very hard for humans to fully read between app-dmz-subnet-az1 and app-dmz-subnet-az2. The more horrifying reality is there is no UNDO.

I really should thank AWS team for continuously improving their services with new features and improvements. I would like to request and add the below to their list for AWS Management Console – Specifically for VPC Menu.

Current Setup :

There is a Dropdown Box which has the list of the VPCs running in that account in the selected Region. Selecting a VPC filters and shows only the components belonging to that VPC and this is applicable for all the entities [ Subnets, Route Tables, ACLs, Security Groups etc. ].

On a different note – a newly created (hence unattached) Internet Gateway wouldn’t show up if the VPC filter is ON.  This has trolled me hard time [it was a very long 5 mins. of searching and pondering in my life then.]

Problem :

Yes, the filter is applied across the board for the AWS Management console – except for the popup / dialog box to create a new entity. What happens is that, the state of the selected VPC filter isn’t showing up in the dialog box and by default the last created VPC.

VPC Filter


This would just surprise again where did my Subnet Go – I remember creating it just now.

Feature Request :

Continue the state of the currently applied VPC filter for the dialog boxes as well.