AWS CloudFormer for Non Default VPC

AWS CloudFormer helps you to create a CloudFormation template fcfnrom the AWS resources currently running in your account using a few simple steps. The current CloudFormer makes use of the Default VPC to get started; this is usually fine except for the scenarios where we have deleted the Default VPC. This is CloudFormer template forked from AWS provided to extend the capability to provide the ability to specify the VPC.

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2 thoughts on “AWS CloudFormer for Non Default VPC

  1. Dear NAVEEN ,
    How does aws cloudformation template creates resources in particular user account, even without login to user account as we do it manually.
    Thanks Regards


    1. Hi D.Saha,

      You can launch CloudFormation either in AWS Management console where you would do a web login using AWS IAM User name and password or use API / SDKs which is generated per user or IAM role (Access Key and Secret key).


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