Amazon WorkDocs – The Silver Lining for Enterprises

Amazon Zocalo is now Amazon WorkDocs


Zocalo is the new and fully managed self-service Document collaboration and Management Service introduced by Amazon Web Services which encompasses administration, mobile / PC apps fully out of the box with support to offline document access. Zocalo also readily allows enterprises to link up their corporate Active Directory for Access and Authentication.

Key Features & Overview

Amazon Zocalo’s key capabilities can be categorized as Storage, Administration, Document Management & Feedback, and PC & Mobile Support.


All the documents are stored in a reliable infrastructure and is fully managed by Amazon Web Services. There is essentially no limit on the amount of data and number of documents you can
store in Zocalo. The explicit storage limit for each user can be optionally enforced by an administrator.


The administration of Zocalo site for users and storage comes out of the box. The administration portal is web based and can be accessed from all popular latest browsers. Administrators can create new users or alternatively link up your Corporate Active Directory and sync it to Zocalo, enable / disable the users, set explicit limits to the storage for user’s account.

Document Management & Feedback

The documents can be accessed and reviewed directly out of the Zocalo web portal. The document management features of Zocalo doesn’t stop at merely just document access over web or devices; but also leverages the collaboration by allowing the documents to be shared, requesting the documents for comments or review with optionally setting a deadline with reminders. With the built in Versioning Capability in Zocalo, naming the files with v1, v2, v3 would be a distant past and provides easy access to older or other versions. Documents can be uploaded using the web portal or synced via the PC / Mac using Zocalo sync applications.

The documents can also be shared externally outside of the corporate with fine grain control for
each file by setting access control like read-only, download disabled etc. The external access permissions to the documents can be revoked any time.

Any type of file can be stored in Zocalo. Zocalo supports instant access and review support for Microsoft Office files (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), pdfs, images, text files. The files can be downloaded to your local machine and optionally documents can also include the reviewed comments along with it.

You can create, edit your files as usual using the standard applications,once when the document is ready it can be released as a newer version and notify the contributors.

System & Mobile Support

While the Zocalo portal for file access and review can be accessed through web-portal, Amazon Zocalo Service extends its offering over the major tablet platforms – iPad, Android Tablet and Amazon Kindle Fire; the apps can be downloaded from the respective apps market place for free. Using the mobile apps one can perform the same functionality of document sharing, review and comments which is possible using the web interface; the best part is to have the documents and files available offline; even during no network access and you can still review the documents and it would sync the new reviews as and when the tablet connects back to the internet.

The documents can be uploaded to Zocalo via the portal using the browser, you can also sync the files from your local machine using the Sync application for free. There are sync clients for PC (Windows 7) and Mac (OS X 10.7 +).

Zocalo for Enterprise

There are several reasons why Zocalo makes a good candidate for Enterprise Document Management and Storage viz.

Region Specific

The Zocalo site would be created in the specified Amazon Region like US-East-1 (Virginia), the documents and data would never leave the specific region. This is one of the major requirements
for the data to be stored only in the territory where the business is operated.

Access Logs

Zocalo bring along the reports of the details of the activity of the users in a Zocalo site like document viewed, downloaded, document ownership transfers etc. These types of logs are mandatory for several compliance standards. Integrate with Existing Active Directory Zocalo can be easily linked to the Corporate Active Directory; this solves the problem of not introducing yet another access management.
Amazon Zocalo is now Amazon WorkDocs

Make use of Direct Connect to access Corporate Active Directory

Amazon Direct Connect (DX) is a service offering which would enable enterprises to directly connect to Amazon’s Data Centers over a dedicated line, this enables the communication
between Enterprise and Amazon Zocalo to be more secure, faster and reliable with guaranteed bandwidth.

Compliments with Amazon Workspaces

Amazon workspaces is a fully managed desktop computing service (VDI – Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) which provides cloud-based desktops with access to documents, applications over laptops, iPad, Kindle Fire, Android tablet etc. Every Amazon Workspaces account is topped up with a FREE Zocalo account with storage of 50 GB per month; additional storage can always be upgraded for a reduced monthly subscription fee.

Leverage Enterprise Productivity along with Existing Investment of Office Suite – Microsoft Office

Nothing would change or be removed from the corporate applications and tools ecosystem to bring in Zocalo to the enterprise. Rather Zocalo would form a creamy layer with enhanced collaboration for Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint files.

Share Zocalo Documents Contents Externally with ease

Inviting an external 3rd Party legal firm to review the documents is just a click away for which the access can be read-only / download-disabled. The access can be revoked any time.

Zocalo Cost overview

The charges are prorated for average usage for the month, if a user is removed / disabled / added in the middle of a given month. Beyond 200GB the pricing works out in a pay as you go model per GB per month for that particular user.

If you use Amazon Workspaces, you will get Zocalo free for every account of 50GB per month, additional storage can be added in the pay as you go model.

Amazon Zocalo is now Amazon WorkDocs

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