Services Which I feel will become obsolete in AWS

The really good things which I like in Amazon’s ecosystem of products and services are “make use of the economies of scale, innovate to reduce cost, feed back cost reduction to products & services and expand the economies of scale”. It perfectly makes sense when people call Amazon – Earth’s most customer centeric company.

AWS – Amazon Web Services, we can rightly and more appropriately tell they power the ideas and imaginations for start-ups and enterprises than telling they provide scale-able infrastructure on cloud. Ever since the pioneer AWS services like S3 and SQS were launched there were massive updates, features and new services added to AWS stack. There was literally a new announcements from AWS everyday which covered topics like new services, new functionalities, upgrades, cost reductions etc.

With AWS ecosystem’s “cycle of economies of scale” constantly spinning and expanding, I feel there are few services which would be superseded by newer services or marking the next advanced functionality (i.e. costlier, bigger, better, faster) as the default at the same price of the regular or currently existing ones.

  1. SimpleDB
    • Really crisp and concrete non-relational service
    • Introduced very early
    • The power and functionality -Virtually unlimited rows was really revolution then
    • Really cost effective
    • I think SimpleDB will be completely superseded by DynamoDB
  2. RDS Single AZ Deployment
    • Single AZ Deployment was easy to start, cheap to setup
    • I think Amazon will continue to innovate and provide / match the cost of Multi-AZ setup at the same price of Single AZ Deployment of RDS
  3. EC2 Classic
    • This can be put more appropriately like everything inside VPC or everything with VPC
    • As such VPC doesn’t cost anything at all
    • There wasn’t something as EC2 – Classic at some point in time. The was the name by itself sounds like EC2-Early Times.
    • Amazon has already taken lot of steps to push VPC’s power and adoption like creating VPCs like Default-VPC etc.
  4. Magnetic Disks for all Services ( Fully SSD )
    • We can already get a feel of catching up SSD trend it started with DynamoDB then RedShift then general purpose SSD EBS volumes for EC2
    • To be precise, I guess the term Magnetic Disks was newly coined to differentiate with SSD 
  5. m1. family instances in EC2
    • It was once upon a time we had t1.micro, m1.small, m1.medium, m1.large, m1.xlarge and suddenly there were many initials to the instance sizes like R, C, I, G
    • Not to forget the new m3

  6. Intra AZ Data Transfer Charge
    • It was June / July 2011 when Amazon made the ingress transfer free; it was jaw dropping to read that blog post.
    • While many of the other cloud providers doesn’t have the concept of AZ ( similar concept ); I guess there would be something around the zero fees for intra-transfer data cost
    • Chances are, it would be surprising even if there was an announcement stating zero transfer cost between Amazon Regions as well
PS : This my personal opinion and there isn’t an official release stating these services would become obsolete. This is more like I claiming that “Chocolate Flavored ice-creams are the tastiest among all other flavors”. Either of which doesn’t have a basis. This is purely my opinion; importantly my personal opinion.
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