IPL Site Runs out of Amazon Web Services

IPL 20-20 is to Indian Cricket Fans is like Cloud is to Internet. Personally I like IPL, it is fast, short, action packed. It is aimed at entertainment and I feel it is bulls eye on the target.

Moving on the tech aspect in the IPL is the site. The website is something amazing clear design, fast loading, quick update. It was when I did a tracert, I found the results were directed to the ELB of Singapore (Asia Pacific South East data Center). I intend to write a blog post what I found and the list of services used by http://www.IPLT20.com site.

List of AWS Components observed

  • ELB
  • EC2
  • S3
  • CloudFront
  • AutoScaling
  • Route53

Where is the ELB ?

A tracert – Trace Route (cmd command tool) shows the path of the request route all the way to ELB.

Where is the EC2 ?

With the above screenshot of ELB, it is by extension we can safely assume that there would be EC2 servers running. Along with that the search query in Netcraft’s what’s my site running tool it returned the netblock owner as Amazon EC2.
Also the Yellow Pipe internet services showed that it runs NGINX

Where is the S3 / CloudFront ?

Actually there many references from the site. The static data, js, css, specific images are being served from S3. The view source showed static1.iplt20.com, static2.iplt20.com, static3.iplt20.com and when tracing them gave out the CloudFront URL.

Where is the Auto Scaling ?

It is perfect common sense to have Auto Scaling in place for the massive setup. 

Where is the Route53 ?

I used an online network look up website Network Tools and did a DNS look up. It returned a nameservers of Route53.

Other AWS Components

Clearly there would be several other AWS components like SNS, SES etc along with empire of databases behind the scenes to accomplish this site’s awesomeness.

My Views

Clearly this is a good example of site which can be moved to cloud for it elasticity, availability and so on. Choosing the Singapore data center is for the latency as the target audience would be from India, this could save some hops for the requests.
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