Comparing Dropbox Deploy to Windows Azure Websites and Site44

Deployment / Publishing to Microsoft Windows Azure Websites is extremely simple with WebMatrix, with the additional support to deploy via GitHub, BitBucket, TFS, CodePlex and the new DropBox just make it amazing. This blog post just touches upon the DropBox deploy to the Windows Azure WebSites.

There is a cool service called as Site44, which leverages DropBox to store, sync, and deploy it for free with a limit. The whole service was built on a freemium model. The free ones have a limitation of 100MB out etc. There are more sophisticated options and features available for a pro subscription. Little more info about Site44; Steve Marx is the Founder or Site44 he was Ex-Microsoft Azure Evangelist and currently Chief Windows Azure Architect of Aditi Technologies.

The Comparison

Windows Azure Websites Site44
Free Mode
165 MB
100 MB
Free Websites per Subscription
Content Type
Dynamic – Support for, php, node.js
Possible using Shared and Reserved Mode
Not Supported
Custom Domain
Available for SHARED & RESERVED modes
Available with variations in mode – FREE, SHARED, RESERVED
Not Supported
Data Transfer per month
Pay As you go for SHARED & RESERVED
50 GB, beyond that contact
Deployment Versions
Supported and similar to GIT like setup
Not Supported
Deployment Update Method
On changes in DropBox, A Manual Sync is required to create a new deployment and then make the deployment the current deployment
Changes in DropBox reflects in the site instantaneously
Password Protected Site ( + https)
Custom implementation
Supported out of the box
Use Cases
Full fledged applications with dynamic content. Open Source software packages like WordPress, Drupal, Special consideration for Scaling as well
Static content, site, blogs, manually updated/update-able sites

Site 44 Intro

DropBox on Windows Azure Websites Intro


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