Solving IE Content Block Alert in Windows Server


When we login to a fresh installation / deployment  of Windows Server; we are altered and interrogated with content alerts and warning like hell. This is happens a frequent for Cloud Engineers and devops when they a launch a fresh VMs of Windows Server from Windows Azure Virtual Machines. This blog post explains how to get over the alter rain without the laborious adding of each and every domain name and its sub domain(s).

What is the problem…? Do you see it often…?

This is what happens frequently ever and ever to access the internet on IE.
Untitled - Copy

Changes in Server Manger Configuration

Open the Server Manager and locate the Configure IE ESE in Windows Server 2008 R2 and less versions.
Server Manager - Copy

   Open the Server Manager then pick Local Server and locate the IE Enhanced Security Configuration in Windows Server 2012.

IE Security Windows Server 2012

Click that and follow the instructions in the altered dialog box.

Server Manager Internet Explorer Dialog Box

 All that you need to do is to switch off of Administrators; to reflect the same feature set to other users as well, go ahead and change it for “Users” too.

Once you have done this, you IE will stop bugging you to add the domain to trusted list.


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