Easy Custom URL for Dropbox public folder

Dropbox’s public folder feature is something I wonder “What would I have done without that”. Dropbox gives you the liberty to share the URL / use the URL anywhere in the Internet to get access to your public folder. The URL can be sent via emails, gtalk or yahoo messenger etc. Dropbox gives you a very cumbersome URL which is very difficult to quote or reuse.
custom url shortner
How nice will it be to use a custom URL which will point to Dropbox public folder… yes I am talking about bitly. I did a little tweak and made my Dropbox public folder redirection or remembering the Dropbox URL headache to bitly.
Steps to make to make your Dropbox public folder easy URL accessible
1. Get your dropbox’s public URL, copy it.
2. Go to bitly website and paste the URL and shorten it. You can go ahead and use a custom friendly name(if available) to be made as shortened URL to drops public URL.
3. That’s it done…
Your Dropbox folder implemented an easy name as easy as hop step and jump, in fact easier than that.
PS : All the online personal storage provides ( Dropbox, Skydrive, Google Drive) now provide PUBLIC folder and it can also be pointed using the bit.ly.
Happy Storing and Sharing…


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